Best Salami Sandwich (2005)

Pat's #1

The salami sandwich may be the highest example of the sandwich-maker's art, requiring a mastery of everything from ingredient selection to structural engineering. And Pat's #1 passes the test with flying colors. There's nothing peculiar to its salami sandwich, no weird secret ingredients or artisan bread. Instead, it boasts best-quality meat in good proportion to fresh lettuce and strong, funky provolone, just enough sandwich oil to get a little damp, and a dash of salt and pepper, all mounted on a chewy roll and wrapped in sandwich paper. There are restaurants that do more innovative cuisine, more worldly cuisine, certainly more expensive cuisine, but when it comes to the perfect salami sandwich, Pat's is truly #1.

Location Details

9211 E. Arapahoe Rd.
Englewood CO 80112


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