Best Seafood Restaurant for You and Ten of Your Closest Friends (2005)

Go Fish Grille

Larry Herz and his crew at Go Fish Grille have created a seafood restaurant with zero pretension but a worthy goal: to fill its coolers and freezers with the finest product that can be wrangled out of suppliers who still think of Denver as a B-grade market (at best). We wouldn't suggest this as a romantic destination -- too many wooden fish sculptures and bright colors for that. And it's probably not the spot to close a million-dollar business deal -- unless the signatories have some sort of weird Finding Nemo fetish. But it's a place to go with friends, lots of friends, because the one-from-column-A, two-from-column-B, Tom Colicchio-style choose-your-own-adventure menu is deep enough to please even the pickiest, fish-phobic of your friends. For those nights when you're looking for a fun place to greet and eat, we guarantee that Go Fish Grille is quite a catch.


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