Best Sushi Restaurant for Eating an Entire Tuna (2005)


Over the past twenty years, Sonoda's has grown to four locations that serve big crowds. It's clearly making money, and just as clearly pouring it back into buying more fish, since the dining rooms don't look like they've been redecorated since the late '80s. But as long as Sonoda's keeps buying tuna, that's okay with us. Anything you can imagine being done with these tractor-trailers of the deep, Sonoda's does it: sashimi and tataki, hand rolls made from the collar, flank, belly, loin and tail. In one meal, you can come close to eating an entire fish. The best way to prepare for this nose-to-tail eating experience? With a bowl of the best Japanese soup in town, a powerful and salty broth made of -- what else? -- bonito.

Location Details

1620 Market St.
Denver CO 80202


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