Best Online Scourge (2005)

Mike Zinna and Fonzi

Since copping the "Best Online Gadfly" award last year for his eye-poking, gossip-dishing website, Mike Zinna has moved from the scandal-mongering fringe to the center of the political upheaval in Jefferson County. His efforts to expose "Pinky T," the insiders who anonymously faxed him defamatory stuff about high-ranking county officials, have generated lawsuits and headlines. Many of his favorite targets in county government have resigned or been fired in recent months, but Zinna keeps expanding as a cyber-scourge. Recently, he launched a companion site devoted to the follies of Arvada; last fall he'd videotaped Mayor Ken Fellman removing political campaign signs. Technically, Zinna's partner in scoops, Fonzi, is a German shepherd, but don't be fooled: These guys can bite.

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