Best Retro Fashion Statement (2005)

Rockmount Ranchwear

Rockmount Ranchwear puts the snap into Western wear. Company founder and patriarch Jack A. Weil was the first haberdasher to put snaps on Western shirts, and the company's designs from the '40s and '50s are very snappy. Under the direction of the 104-year-old's grandson, Steve Weil, the Denver institution has been reissuing those beauties for years, and they account for about 25 percent of Rockmount's stock. In 2004, one very special shirt was released to accompany the publication of Weil the Younger's new book, Western Shirts: A Classic American Fashion. The timeless, art-deco-embroidered snap-down from 1954 was featured on the cover, and Rockmount is selling it in a limited-edition numbered run. The first batch sold out before Western Shirts even hit booksellers, so round one up before they're gone.


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