Best Bike Fixer (2005)

Jenn Dice

Everyone knows about the pernicious effect of money in politics: Fancy-cat lobbyists use gobs of cash to sleaze their evil corporate agendas into sweetheart legislation. That's exactly what Jenn Dice, the government liaison for the Golden-based IMBA, does...not. In place of the regular cocktail-party circuit usually plied by Beltway lobbyists, IMBA dispatches Dice, 33, to introduce legislative staffers to its bike-friendly agenda by convincing them to get outside and on a mountain bike. Each year, the organization sponsors spring and fall rides in Riverbend Park in Fairfax County, Virginia. A literal breath of fresh air, the muddy gatherings give the desk-bound policy wonks a saddle-side opportunity to see what mountain biking is all about. And it doesn't suck for Dice, a former lobbyist for Colorado counties, either. "It's really cool," she admits. "It lets me combine what I love doing with my government experience."


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