Best Candidate for CU Athletic Director (2005)

Ceal Barry

She doesn't own a nearby liquor store, which is a major plus. But Ceal Barry, who bowed out this year as basketball coach of the Lady Buffs, does hold a winning record that would be hard for any other candidate for CU's next athletic director to beat. Through two-plus decades in Boulder, she's kept her eye on the ball. That means she knows her student athletes are students, first and foremost, and deserve to experience all the best that a CU education can bring (which is plenty -- not that you'd know it from the headlines these days). And if those student-athletes win some important titles along the way, so much the better. Barry recognizes that at CU, it's not whether you win or lose, but how the game is played -- with honor and integrity and honesty. Which makes us wonder: Why waste her on the AD job? There's that presidency open, too.


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