Best Summer Camp -- Outdoor (2005)

The Urban Farm

A non-profit venture located along the Sand Creek Greenway at Stapleton, the Urban Farm makes its greatest mark during the school year, when hundreds of kids of all ages pass through its gates to do everything from milk a goat to develop a breeding program for the whole herd. But the farm also supports year-round 4-H and equestrian programs, geared especially toward city kids who otherwise wouldn't necessarily have the opportunity to be around animals. Kids in need of a little horse sense but not lucky enough to attend a school that takes advantage of the facility can test the waters during the farm's summer horsemanship education program, which offers week-long and summer-length classes for all abilities. The program's price and heart are in the right place, too, so what are you waiting for? Saddle up!

Location Details

10200 Smith Rd.
Denver CO 80239


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