Best Women's Triathlon Club (2005)

Team CWW

Team CWW may not boast the most race winners or state records, but if you're a woman looking to enter the sweaty world of triathlons -- yet are too intimidated by the prospect of swimming, biking and running farther than you've driven your car in the past month -- CWW is a fine place to begin. Founded by Celeste Callahan (who did her first triathlon on a dare more than twenty years ago, at the age of 42) and two friends, CWW is a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping non-athletic women prepare for the Denver Danskin, Tri for the Cure and Boulder Peak triathlons. "If you can swim across a pool with a gun to your head, ride your bike to the end of your driveway and run if someone's chasing you, you can do a triathlon," promises Callahan. Training begins with a "get your face wet" pool session in January, progresses to a teeny, tiny triathlon in May, and builds to standard, race-length distances by summer. The cost is $175 for a year of training and support.


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