Baldo Rex Lion's Lair January 27, 2006

It must have been like that line from The Blues Brothers when the immortal Baldo Rex got back together for one night in January at the Lair: "We're putting the band back together. We're on a mission from God." And though another recent notable reunion -- of Babihed -- was inevitable, will last longer and will probably overshadow what was just a one-off for the immortal Baldo Rex, to see Baldo's Ted Thacker waxing his ax again was a dream come true for those who recall the noisetastic band, which called it quits in the late '90s. Churning out smart punk Weirdos style, Phil Wronski might have still had a stuffed animal stuck in his zipper when he belted out, "We have to cling together/ Like family/ Like lovers/ We are the rupture." If only the dirtheads had never taken over 7 South.


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