15th St. over I-25

Bart Simpson used to stand on highway overpasses just like this one and spit on the anonymous traffic below. God bless that little fucker. We can't believe there's no barrier here, no chain-link fence, nothing. We could hurl ourselves right over this railing right now, and nobody could stop us. The fall might not kill us, but one of those cars whipping by at 65 mph sure would. Man, we'd love to see the look on Johnny SUV's face when we came crashing through his windshield! It'd be priceless. And look at Invesco Field over there. Oh, we're sorry, Invesco Field at Mile High. Like anyone even says Mile High. It's all about Invesco; corporations always win. God, it's so depressing. And look at REI -- that used to be the Forney Museum with all those cool cars and that Alfred Packer diorama. Now look at the place: cobwebs to kayaks, train cars to trail mix. We ought to end this right now. For chrissakes, there's an aquarium with a seafood restaurant in it right over there by the Children's Museum. In Denver! That's it, we're going over the rail, right now. But what's that? That burst of laughter from the open door of My Brother's Bar just down the road? That's the oldest bar in town; Neal Cassady still has an outstanding tab there. Maybe we should head over for a drink. Yeah, why not? Just one.

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