Carolyn Shaver and Steve Thurston have been in the Asian import business for years, traveling to the Orient and shipping back trunks, wardrobes, ginger jars, old baskets and more. They took their passion a taste further, however, when they opened their small store on South Broadway and added a self-packaged line of high-quality teas from from China, Sri Lanka, Taiwan and India. Shaver leaves out samples of the whole-leaf teas so that customers can touch and smell them while also fondling her elegant assortment of teapots, books and accessories. Be sure to try the Jasmine Silver Peach with Pink Blossom -- the tea globes flower when steeped -- the pale Silver Needle white tea or the therapeutic Orangic Puerh Ginger tea with orange peel.

Location Details

3458 Walnut St.
Denver CO 80205


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