Rave's Oh My Goth

Denver has its own unchallenged Mistress of the Dark -- and it's not Elvira (who grew up in Colorado Springs, after all). No, it's Raven, Mistress of Mootown. After debuting in 1995, Rave moved four times and went through numerous incarnations before finally settling into the old Enigma space off East Colfax in July. Now Raven has a stellar staff, a monstrous 8,500-square-feet mausoleum, and decor that rivals New Orleans's decadent, pre-Katrina divinity. Best of all, her vintage is back, alongside gorgeous goth clothing and accessories for both men and women, Manic Panic hair dye, faux fetish wear, BDSM lite and funky home furnishings. Things get even freakier when Halloween nears and Raven puts out the boob suits, fetish gear, fangs, devil horns, angel wings and just about every joke suit made under the sun. Or moon. Rave on!

Location Details

1516 Emerson St.
Denver CO 80218


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