GLOBAL (2006)

Josh Bernstein Boulder Outdoor Survival School

Since 1968, the Boulder Outdoor Survival School has offered wilderness-based life-changing experiences to people around the world. But the life that BOSS may have changed most is that of Josh Bernstein, who today is the outfit's president and CEO. BOSS has become the go-to source not just for individuals, but also for publications and moviemakers looking for survival experts. Last year the History Channel tapped Bernstein himself to host Digging for the Truth, which became the channel's top show. Bernstein became such a celeb that not only did he have a spread in the debut issue of Men's Vogue last fall, but he's now the star of a comic book, "Josh Bernstein and the Search for Shangri-La: A Digging for the Truth Adventure," which is billed as the first in a series. The adventure continues.


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