Best Really International Breakfast (2007)

Pho 79

Some people are willing to take a chance on unfamiliar cuisines at dinner, some will risk it at midday. But for Denver's true gastronauts, breakfast is when you earn your stripes. And there's no better (or more delicious) international wake-up call than Pho 79. At any time of the day, the only thing on the menu is pho -- but there are three sizes (the small is huge, the large big enough for a family) and countless DIY options (from simple meatballs and flank steak to the stronger and tastier tripe and tendon), and the tangled jungle of basil, lime, chiles and sprouts that comes with every order is all you need to construct the perfect breakfast. Throw in a tall glass of iced Vietnamese coffee that's like the second cousin of nitromethane, and you'll never look at a plate of eggs and bacon the same way again.

Location Details

1080 S. Havana St.
Aurora CO 80012


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