Best Tequila/Mezcal List (2007)


On the island in the middle of Mezcal's wraparound bar are dozens and dozens of bottles of tequila and mezcal -- from the cheapest, greasy-yellow-death variety up through the finest, most artisanal small-batch liquors ever to come out of Mexico. Then there's the small fridge mounted in the back wall, where the best of the best, the house's favorites, are kept. And beyond that, the owners and bartenders always seem to have some super-extra-special secret stash of imported bottles tucked away that they'll pull out and pour when the mood strikes to turn someone on to something that'll totally blow his mind. Without a doubt, the Del Maguey "Pechuga" (the only mezcal made with a raw chicken in every barrel) is the best neat shot in the house, but we could easily spend the next ten years bellied up to Mezcal's bar, drinking and trying to decide on what's second best. Who's coming with us?

Location Details

3230 E. Colfax Ave.
Denver CO 80206


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