Best Downtown Neighbors (2007)

Cali & Mo and Lilly Partain

Cali & Mo and Lilly Partain simply can't be mentioned separately. The sister stores, on the second level of the Pavilions, are the brainchildren of boutique entrepreneurs/friends Allison Leyn and Vicki Raichart, and both express a love of vintage -- but in different and equally charming ways. If Cali & Mo is a street girl, wrapped in her faintly upscale flea-market finds -- enameled tin sets, refurbished blazers, slinky new clothing, antiqued side tables, retro greeting cards and costume jewelry galore -- Lilly Partain is her Parisian cousin, flounced out in silky ruffles and flashing rhinestones and scented with hand-milled soaps. Old, new -- it's all mixed up between the two to create one wholly wonderful store.


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