One of the fliers for Night of the Living Shred shows a picture of two naked chicks with skateboards. But while you'll probably see some skateboard videos Thursday nights at Bender's Tavern, naked chicks not so much. Still, the young rocker boys and girls do sometimes let their hair down in more ways than one. It's hard not to, what with guys like DJs Wesley Wayne and Parris on the turntables throwing down everything from '80s metal to old-school hip-hop and a whole lot more. For the past two years, these guys have been packing Bender's dance floor and whipping the kids into a frenzy, in the process creating one of the city's best nights to hook up. And if that ain't enough, Wayne, Parris and promoter Charlie Morrison have also brought such renowned platter pirates as DJs Swamp, Qbert, Troublemaker, Goldenchyld, Platurn, Tittsworth and Klever to town.

Location Details

314 E. 13th Ave.
Denver CO 80206


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