Best Store on Boulder's Pearl Street Mall (2008)

Common Era

Boulder's Common Era store is a veritable gold mine of low-priced hipster threads, from technicolor jeans to frilly sequined tops to wide pleather belts and dangerously tall boots. Owner Debra Mazur's vision is of a cheap, ever-changing inventory that you can't find anywhere else in Colorado, so she buys exclusively from small East and West Coast manufacturers that specialize in limited clothing runs, which means that the unbelievable turquoise pants you came across this week probably won't be there next week. Best of all, Mazur and her sales staff make all their jewelry by hand, giving Common Era the feel of a "fashion think tank." And last summer, Mazur opened a second store at 1543 Platte Street in Denver, which means that shoppers here have an outpost nearby.

Location Details

1500 D Pearl St.
Boulder CO 80302


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