Best Cure for Cabin Fever (2008)

The Island

There comes a time every winter when you reach the brink of madness. You've had enough of snow sports and snow in general, and you just want to put on shorts and play in the sand. A trip to The Island is what you need. With year-round indoor sand volleyball, it's as close to summer as anything you're going to find in Colorado during the winter months. The food is good, and cheap. The drink specials are plentiful, the people are friendly, and there's lots of action to take in. While Denver does have a cult-like group of serious players who eat, sleep and breathe volleyball — playing every night in clothing straight outta Margaritaville — casual players are welcome, too. They can opt to play backyard-style 6 on 6 instead of the ultra-competitive and exhausting 2 on 2. A lot of the action is league play, but drop-ins happen most days. The Island serves up summer all year round.

Location Details

2233 S. Geneva St.
Denver CO 80247


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