Best New Bowling Alley (2008)

The Falcon

Bowling is the rock and roll of sports. It's loud, unabashedly rough around the edges and involves embarrassing fashion choices. It seemed like the perfect match, then, when the fading Sport Bowl Lanes & Billiards on South Broadway was snatched up last August by Steve Schalk, owner of the nearby Gothic Theatre. Sure enough, Schalk invested the same care and creativity into his bowling joint that he did into his theater, and now the alley, rechristened the Falcon (yes, the name refers to Han Solo's spaceship), features eight gleaming lanes, a top-of-the-line sound system, a 250-person live-music venue, an open kitchen serving Angus sliders and a fully stocked bar. May the force be with you.

Location Details

3295 S. Broadway
Englewood CO 80113


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