Best Place to Score in Glendale (2008)

Infinity Park

It seems like every other whistle-stop on the map needs some claim to fame these days, but we're glad that the hamlet of Glendale chose rugby for its raison d'être when it could just as easily have hyped its strip clubs and sex-toy stores. SuperTarget, move over: State-of-the-art Infinity Park, which boasts an all-grass regulation rugby pitch, is the first municipal rugby stadium in the country, sports a big-ass wide-screen JumboTron, seats 5,000 and will eventually house a Rugby Hall of Fame. And not only does it host the Glendale Raptors' men's and women's teams (as well as youth teams and camps), but it's also a sweet little outdoor venue for summer movies and concerts-to-be. Welcome to the scrum.

Location Details

4599 E. Tennessee Ave.
Denver CO 80246


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