Best Non-Traditional Eggs Benny (2009)


In New Orleans, people might say that eggs Sardou is just as traditional as any white-bread, ham-and-holly eggs Benedict. But here in Denver, this Gulf prawn-and-spinach version is an exotic, rule-breaking freak Benny — and the best thing on Lucile's menu full of very good things. As such, it stands as incontrovertible proof that any classic recipe ever touched by a Cajun or Creole chef is only made better by their restrained fussing and murderous application of heavy cream, butter, eggs, butter and butter to everything. The eggs Sardou at Lucile's are so good that we've occasionally been tempted to order two plates and eat both at a single sitting. The only thing holding us back? The sure knowledge that we'd die from the pure excess — though God knows, we'd go out smiling.

Location Details

2124 14th St.
Boulder CO 80302


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