Best Snow Job (2009)

John Hickenlooper "Senior Scooper"

The most important asset for a successful politician — especially these days, when there's not much money to buy popularity — is an appealing vision that inspires constituents. Failing that, a good pol should have a funny name and a prop-comic's ability to perform in television commercials. John Hickenlooper rode into office on the success of his scooter campaign, then won Denverites' hearts and votes by acting opposite a parking meter in a second hit commercial. Although many local critics panned his follow-up performance in the "Oversized Foam Alphabet Bond Issue Election," Denver's mayor pressed on, snow shovel in hand, to star in a public-service announcement that took his commercial career out of the deep freeze. Unlike Hickenlooper's other starring roles as a celebrity dork, in "Senior Scooper" he played an average dork who saved a senior citizen's day with one push of a shovel and a snow-eating grin. If only it were always that easy!

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