Best Store on West 32nd Avenue (2009)


Though a small store, Rejuvanest feels as if it's got an endless variety of nooks and crannies each jammed with baby blankets and bibs, aromatic bath products and scented ironing water or hand-reupholstered chairs. But it's also bedtime central, whether you're aiming to feel sultry on your wedding night or ootsy-cutesy in your itsy-bitsy bathrobe when you're three months old. Hanging off one door, you might find some lacey Wendy Glez thongs, or, on another rack, a selection of seductive Victorian-style camis. It's the place to find both wedding lingerie and hooded towels for tots, filmy gowns and wholesome Colorado-made flannel PJs for cold, snowy evenings in front of the fire. Nighty-night!

Location Details

3719 W. 32nd Ave.
Denver CO 80211


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