Best Way to Spice Up the Kitchen Like It's 1899 (2009)

Margaret Husted Culinary Collection

Martha Stewart not doing it for you? Rachael Ray lost her "yummo"? If so, turn back the culinary clock by taking a long, strange trip into the University of Denver's Margaret Husted Culinary Collection, one of the country's largest cookbook libraries, with 9,000 books and magazines, some dating back centuries. Here you'll find the ingredients for any gastronomic fancy, whether it's how much lard to rub into your sweetbreads or how to add Borax to your meatballs, cancer risk be damned. And while you can't take these treasures home — no one likes removing marinara from seventeenth-century vellum — you can photocopy pages and then hit the kitchen like they did before haute was hot.


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