Best New Tradition (2010)

Lumberjack Pub Crawl

Kiki Nichols had a very good reason for putting together 2009's inaugural Lumberjack Pub Crawl: "I think it sounds fun to dress up like woodsmen and march down Colfax," she told us. And fun it was, complete with Paul Bunyans, a big blue ox named Babe (or two), fake stubble and more flannel than you could shake a hatchet at. One lumberjack even gave out syrup shots in honor of the manliest of all lumberjack breakfasts, the flapjack. Costuming was far less labor-intensive than a zombie pub crawl (unless you're going as Babe), and lumberjacks are definitely bigger drinkers than zombies (unless you're talking about blood). Nichols is already planning her 2010 version, so start practicing the "Lumberjack Song." Timber!


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