Best Promoter Turned Musician (2010)

Matt Fecher

Ever since he moved here from Indiana a few years ago, Matt Fecher has demonstrated that he possesses exceptional sensibilities. Say what you will about Fecher — he strikes some folks as a little too cool for school — the guy definitely has a great set of ears. Witness his knack for pulling in stars of tomorrow for the Monolith Festival, which he co-curates with Josh Baker: Ghostland Observatory? Check. Phoenix? Check. Chromeo? Girl Talk? The Cool Kids? Hood Internet? Check, check, check and mate. Thing is, having admirable tastes as a music fan doesn't necessarily translate to making good music. When Fecher first tried his hand at deejaying under the name Hot to Death, a few high-profile gigs drew the scrutiny of cynics, who assumed he'd only landed the slots because of his stature as a promoter. And while that may have been true to some extent, Fecher has since proven himself worthy with both Animals at Risk — reworking tracks by the Swayback and The Pirate Signal — and, most recently, Honey & the Bear, a randy, tongue-firmly-in-cheek acoustic duo.


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