Best Aztec Madonna Mural (2010)

Sisters of Color United for Education

The official title is "Left-handed Hummingbird," but there is nary a bird in sight in this mural of mother and child sur­rounded by corn stalks and purple fingernails. Borrowing from ancient Aztec and modern art-deco design mo­tifs, the mural is named for Uhzilopochtli, the warrior and Aztec deity. The imagery pays homage to its south-facing position, since that's the direction of the warrior who holds the center for growth, energy and creation; it is also the place of the child, music, poetry and art. All of this is amazingly illustrated by Denver's most talented and under-appreciated mural artist, David Ocelotl Garcia. The artwork was commissioned by the Sisters of Color United for Education and strikes the perfect balance between an artist's skill and a community organiza­tion's mission.

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