Best Virtual Time Capsule (2010)

Downtown Denver Woolworth, 1963

This amazing cache of photographs was intended to announce the October 1963 grand reopening of "the world's largest variety store," the Woolworth in the heart of downtown Denver, newly expanded to 174,000 square feet, with two miles' worth of counter dis­plays on two floors. In this virtual time capsule, each of the vividly colored images can be enlarged for detailed viewing of ten different departments. Baby boomers will want to search for their lost youth among the Toyland department mer­chandise, while Capitol Hill-dwelling Millennials will get garage-sale boners from looking over the wall-clock selection in housewares. Banjos, ukuleles and trumpets were available alongside a slim assortment of TVs in the record department. In the future, the best grand reopenings may be opening up such looks to the past.

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