Best Dumpster Diving (2010)

Between S. Broadway and Acoma St., south of Evans

Denver's alley-scavenging and dumpster-diving economies have boomed as the economy has swooned. Leave a pile of rusty scrap out behind your house and it's gone in a day. A bicycle in need of serious work won't last an hour. And divers commonly fish cans and bottles from dumpsters, as well as all kinds of other trash and treasure. The city frowns on scavenging — primarily because of liability issues — but proponents argue that it opens a divine path for junk to be reincarnated instead of suffering eternal purgatory in a stinky landfill. That said, the best alley to scavenge in Denver runs between the businesses of Broadway and the houses of Acoma Street south of Evans. The product is downscale but diverse; you might find half-drunk cans of beer from a dive bar, bad works of art from a basement apartment, or even a bag of day-old jelly doughnuts.


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