Best Pot Brownies (2010)

The Cheesecake Lady

For a good while, Jessica LeRoux, aka the Cheesecake Lady, was everybody's best friend in the local pre-concert tailgating scene. Strolling through parking lots with her crazy hat and wavy hair, she offered up specially infused heavenly treats at unbeatable prices. The medical marijuana boom has allowed her to go mainstream, though, and LeRoux has opened a commercial kitchen where she bakes a variety of cannabis cheesecakes and chocolates that are sold at dispensaries around the state with her signature "Twirling Hippy Confections" logo. And not only are these some of the best edibles around, but LeRoux has made a habit of organizing fundraisers for indigent patients. That's right: You can have your cannabis cheesecake and eat it, too.


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