Best Steampunk Jewelry (2010)

Melissa Tomerlin

The seminal roots of steampunk, the stuff of Victorian vibes paired with airships and fabulous machines, lie in the literature of Jules Verne and H.G. Wells, while the subcultural movement's takeoff in more recent times owes its sensibilities to such modern authors as Philip Pullman and William Gibson. But one of steampunk's more delightful physical offshoots is the cultish costumery embraced by modern followers: a peculiar thing highlighted by its use of watch gears, reassembled machine parts and curiosities from nature cast in metal. And Denver jewelry maker Melissa Tomerlin has it down cold: Her fabulous Gold Bug brooches, constructed of gears ticking away among skulls, dragonflies and other winged embellishments, ARE steampunk. Find them at Peppermint, 1227 East 17th Avenue.


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