The story of how longtime retailer Stephanie Shearer of Pandora Jewelry and Soul Haus set out looking for a garbage can and ended up buying a building has Cinderella written all over it, but that's just what happened. She attended a community meeting to try to get some answers about the trash receptacle she desired in front of Pandora, catching the eye of the Denver Business Assistance Center's Bo Martinez, who saw something in her quest. Then she ended up on the phone with Bryan Slekes at the Mayor's Office of Economic Development, and before she knew it, she and husband/business partner Chris Bacorn were haggling for a loan to buy the vacant EZE Mop building and an adjacent house, which eventually came to include Shearer's new boutique, Peppermint, an expanded Soul Haus hipster men's store (run by the amiable Bacorn) and Babylon Floral, as well as a coffee and tea shop next door. If the slipper fits...

Location Details

1200 block of E. 17th Ave.
Denver CO 80218


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