Best Roller Derby Nickname (2010)

Honey Punches of Throats

The Denver Roller Dolls have been skating their fishnet-and-hotpants-clad butts off to raise the profile of roller derby, taking third place in the 2009 Women's Flat Track Derby Association Nationals tournament, moving to the 6,500-seat 1stBank Center for their 2010 home matches, and arguing that their sport should be included in the Olympics. But that doesn't mean they've ditched the crazy costumes and noms du derby, and it doesn't mean you won't see some poor girl get clotheslined in the heat of the moment. Our favorite scary nickname is Honey Punches of Throats, aka Jessica Kolacny, a blocker for the Roller Dolls' Green Barrettes. We'll stay out of her way.


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