Best Film Performance by a Colorado Governor (2011)

John Hickenlooper

November was a banner month for John Hickenlooper: The beer-brewer-turned-mayor stepped into the big leagues of politics with his actual election to the office of governor of Colorado, as well as through his fantasy role as a U.S. senator in Casino Jack, directed by his cousin, director George Hickenlooper, who passed away shortly before the film played the Starz Film Festival. In one of the movie's best scenes — a daydream sequence in which Jack Abramoff, played by the always-fantastic Kevin Spacey, goes off on John McCain (via real footage) in a Senate hearing — Hick plays the nameless senator sitting next to McCain's double. His performance mostly consists of looking grave and saying something like "Seize that man" (it's hard to tell; there's other dialogue over the line), but Hickenlooper's silver-screen legacy will live on — at least until it's eclipsed by him actually becoming a U.S. senator. And with a look that grave, we wouldn't rule it out.


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