Best Official Biennial of the Americas Show (2011)

The Nature of Things

So few people went to see The Nature of Things, the official show connected with last summer's Biennial of the Americas, that the admission fee was waived for the final days of its run. That was a smart move, because the show was too good to miss. It was put together by a young, hot-shot curator from Mexico, Paola Santoscoy, who was fresh out of grad school at the California College of Art. In the few short months she had to throw the exhibit together, she invited artists from all over the United States and Latin America to participate, and got an impressive roster. In fact, if there was one shortcoming to The Nature of Things, it was the fact that only two Colorado artists made the cut: Clark Richert and Joseph Shaeffer. Since the Biennial had turned its back on locals in general, Denverites repaid that snub by turning their back on the Biennial.


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