Best Move by a Politician (2011)

Andrew Romanoff's new job

After Andrew Romanoff was term-limited out of his position in the Colorado House, he explored becoming Colorado's secretary of state, a job vacated by then-newly elected congressman Mike Coffman. He didn't get the job. Next he explored becoming a U.S. senator, a job vacated by newly appointed Obama cabinet member Ken Salazar. He didn't get the job. Then he challenged the man who did, Michael Bennet, in last year's primary...and lost. "In my own career," Romanoff says now, "I've sought opportunities in which I believed I could make the biggest difference." Finally, he made a move that could lead to the biggest difference yet: He left politics for a job with Lakewood-based International Development Enterprises, which makes agricultural training and technology available to the world's poorest people — one billion of whom live on a dollar a day or less. And that makes him a winner.

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