Best New Idea (2011)

Denver County Fair

Did you ever wonder why the City and County of Denver has no county fair? Every podunk county in the state has one, for crying out loud! And though we still boast the National Western Stock Show in Denver — at least for now — where do prize-deserving pie-makers and urban chicken-keepers get to show off their hard work and wares? The new Denver County Fair, of course, which is shaping up to be the most unusual rustic fair you'll ever see (the inaugural edition hits town at the end of July). Put together with enthusiasm by promoter Dana Cain and artist Tracy Weil, the Denver County Fair will address the urban lifestyle while dressing it up in rural clothes, offering such offbeat events and attractions as a skateboard rodeo, a funky sideshow, a new-age pavilion, competitions for backyard chicken and goat farmers, cheeseburger cook-offs and much more.

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