Best Use for a Hotel Basement (2011)

Gold Fish Aquarium

Hotel Monaco is known for its pet-friendliness; the upscale spot offers all manner of four-legged comforts, including a doggy boutique, dog room service and in-room bowls and pet beds, among other things. But the hotel can also provide pets — of the fishy kind — for anyone who didn't bring a pet but would like a little company. The staff keeps a hundred-gallon tank full of goldfish in the basement, and they'll bring you a complimentary one upon request. Afraid it might end up in the toilet bowl? No worries: Hotel employees are trained to feed and care for your fish. Just keep your own paws off your new pet. "Some of them are in danger of being talked to death," a hotel spokeswoman says, "but no one has eaten one, to my knowledge."

Location Details

1717 Champa St.
Denver CO 80202


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