Best Band That Broke Up (2012)

Hot White

You know a band was noteworthy if a number of its peers, based on word of mouth and having heard the music, say they wish they'd been able to see the band live before it broke up. That was the fate of Hot White, which, after roughly four years of existence, played its last show on September 26, 2011, with No Babies and Echo Beds. The band's raw, wiry energy and fearlessness, coupled with a complete disregard for any expectations, always made Hot White one of the most interesting and exciting outfits around. The threesome started as a twosome, with Kevin Wesley and Darren Kulback making instrumental noise rock, but the lineup came to include Tiana Bernard on circuit-bent devices before she started playing bass and doing archly intense vocals. A favorite of the underground cognoscenti and ever-increasing circles of fans of challenging music, Hot White will be sorely missed.


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