Best Body Painter, Chalk Artist and Haunted House Actor (2012)

Mythica von Griffyn

That Mythica von Griffyn is a colorful character goes without saying once you've met her. That's partly because she holds down some of the rarest jobs on earth: She turns models into exotic birds, sidewalks into masterpieces and actors into the walking dead. And sometimes she simply is the walking dead, as a character herself in haunted houses. As a mistress of the paintbrush, Mythica seems to understand how the images she paints will mesh with the body's nooks and curves before she starts work — but even she admits it doesn't come without many hours of practice. As an award-winning chalk artist and especially a colorist, she shapes oversized patchworks of pure hue into recognizable images. It all fits in with her haunted-house career, part of her life since she was fourteen and took the job on a lark, eventually developing an obvious talent for making monsters as a makeup artist. Not your everyday occupation? Leave it to the professional.


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