Leave it to local burlesque madame and emcee Cora Vette to start a nationwide revolution in boylesque. She's been traveling the country over the past year to perform at boylesque shows, talking about why men putting on fabulous costumes and then taking them off is awesome and generally advocating for the concept. And Denver has definitely benefited from her efforts with the monthly revue, now at Bender's. Featuring Cisco Yocisco, Phoenix Rising, Nite Fury, JoJo Justin Tyme, token lady Ophelia P. Cocque and assorted guests, the show is wild-and-crazy eye candy of the (mostly) male persuasion. You'll see everything from a clothes-shedding Zorro to sexy football players to really sexy cowboys to strip-poker numbers. The next one takes place on Thursday, April 19; if you caught this crew at Artopia this past February, you got a peek at what to expect. If not, hold on to your jockstrap!

Location Details

314 E. 13th Ave.
Denver CO 80206


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