Best Tricked-Out French Fries (2012)

D Bar Desserts

Dessert king Keegan Gerhard is renowned for his sensational sugar sensations, but his savory creations are just as inspiring — starting with the crue fries, an irresponsible mound of Parmesan-dusted thin potato strips buried under a rich cheese sauce that in and of itself has the ability to take over its victims' veins like a heroin injection. But Gerhard doesn't stop there: He covers the heap with melted Jack and cheddar, crumbles of smoky bacon, snips of chives and zigzags of housemade ranch dressing. You'll push the plate away more than once in an effort to pretend that you couldn't possibly eat one more bite — and the second a staffer swoops in to take it away, you'll snatch it back and slap her hand for daring to try.

Location Details

1475 E. 17th Ave.
Denver CO 80218


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