We've visited a lot of wine bars in our time, and despite the fact that we should be their ideal customer — we're obsessed with wine! We have an insatiable thirst! — more often than not we end up disappointed rather than delighted. But that's never the case at Cellar Wine Bar, which is an incredibly comfortable spot with an amazing array of wine. Walking through the front door, you're greeted like family by one of Denver's most passionate wine purveyors, Evan Williams, who practically glows with giddiness over the latest cool pick he can't wait to pour you. And you might be tempted to simply let him choose, because all of the Cellar's ten wine flights look ridiculously good. And then there are the possibilities available by the glass — more than fifty vintages. As Cellar approaches its second birthday, we're starting to suspect that just like a great bottle, this wine bar will only get better with age.

Readers' Choice: Cru Wine Bar

Location Details

2556 15th St.
Denver CO 80211


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