Best Colorado T-Shirts (2012)


CU-Denver MBA candidate Andrea Burns first conceived of the idea for LoyalTee — a fledgling business that creates T-shirts celebrating favorite (and sometimes esoteric) local haunts — as a class project in 2010. Then, with fellow entrepreneur Todd Culter, Burns went on to create a modest line of ten shirts, honoring everything from the Rocky Flats Lounge to the Tivoli building to the old Mile High Stadium, from a clearly (but sweetly) biased point of view. And finally, as a bonus, the tiny company puts its money where its heart is: Not only is the tag on each tee a postcard telling the history of the place it celebrates, but LoyalTee lives up to its name by donating a percentage of each sale to the lauded businesses. They've since added a couple of designs — one with the Colorado State flag — but the quality remains high. LoyalTee has its heart in all the right places. Show your loyalty at


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