Best Gathering of the Indie Clans (2012)

Denver Independent Boutiques

In this era of shy economic recovery, it makes sense for small businesses to advocate for one another, which is why we applaud entrepreneurs Meghan Throckmorton of Rakun boutique and Ellis Ann McClung of Thread Handmade Consignment, who decided to take matters into their own hands to create Denver Independent Boutiques. It's loose, but its goal of creating a buzz by banding together to host communal boutique crawls and other shared events is a worthy one. Throckmorton and McClung are already strong advocates for buying local — their shops almost exclusively carry clothing and jewelry by Denver-area designers, some of them just getting started — and it's such an important point for them that they stipulate that DIBS members carry at least 50 percent local merchandise. Kudos, ladies, for reaching out and grabbing the hands of your colleagues.


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