The banding together of hip resale giant Buffalo Exchange and the Fancy Tiger empire of clothing and craft stores on this half-block of Broadway, complete with a small parking lot, is a perfect example of new urban merchandising. It gives people a reason to stop, shop and — just maybe — continue down the street to see what else is there. Dubbing it Tigalo, a whimsical name that combines Tiger with Buffalo, gives it even more curb appeal. These three stores, after all, were made for each other; together they create a kind of funky multiplex that brands the rest of the neighborhood. And by moving its two shops next door to each other in a larger space, Fancy Tiger also made way for the new boutique SEWN to join the Broadway lineup. All that moving around is creating a stronger retail district, and we think Tigalo is its strongest link.

Readers' Choice: Arvada Marketplace

Location Details

59 Broadway
Denver CO 80203


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