Best Company Leaving a Longtime Home (2013)

Germinal Stage Denver

We're guessing the ancient pot that dispenses bitter coffee has been around since artistic director Ed Baierlein founded Germinal Stage Denver in 1973, and went along for the ride when he moved the company to West 44th Avenue 26 years ago. The man isn't fond of change. But over the years, he's staged some of the most interesting theater in town in his tiny, intimate venue, everything from Ibsen to Albee, Shaw to Arthur Kopit, gut-busting farce to thoughtful tragedy. The walls of the auditorium are lined with photographs from past productions, in which you can see a generation of Denver actors coming of age — and some growing old. But the building is in need of repair, and Baierlein, now 69, is reluctant to undertake the Herculean task — so he's sold the place to a real-estate developer. The final season, which includes Long Day's Journey Into Night, starring Baierlein himself, ends in August. Baierlein is looking for a new space, and this time he plans to rent rather than buy — but we're sure the coffeepot will go with him.


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