Best Debut for a Newly Local Artist (2013)

Linhas Polimórficas

Last summer, the Denver Art Dealers Association mounted a citywide event called "Introductions," featuring work by artists new to Denver. A standout in the series was Linhas Polimórficas, a solo dedicated to Rosane Volchan O'Conor, a Brazilian-born artist who recently relocated to Boulder. The show was made up of an installation and works on paper, and the relationship between the two was pretty obvious, with the former like a 3-D version of the latter. Both kinds of work included dense skeins of scribbled lines, but for the installation, some of them were done in custom squiggles of neon, while in the prints they were done with inks. O'Conor had originally been a budding scientist, then a musician before turning to visual art, and these previous pursuits are still referred to in her impressive artwork.


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